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Simon Northampton
Managing Director, New York Office

Failing Businesses

We are aiming to help those businesses who are in the decline stage and would like to recover and move back to the path of progress. Most often it is thought that businesses collapse due to lack of funds but it has been observed that there are many factors which come before that and if properly dealt with can change the business performance. Can happen through, make an effort your own results best online pokie.
There are many businesses who have gone out of business around us in the recent past. According to statistics available in our local area there were 627,200 businesses out of which there were 595,600 business closures and 43,546 bankruptcies.

78% of businesses fail due to lack of well-developed business plan.

We provide complete solutions for such businesses and revamp them.

There are many opinions about the most important reason that businesses fail:

Peter Drucker claimed the most important reason that businesses fail is because management didn’t ask “what is our business?” in a “clear and sharp form.“

Eric T. Wagner, who has 30 years experience as a serial entrepreneur, says that entrepreneurs fail when developing new products because they “retreat to a cave” instead of thoroughly understanding their customers needs. A survey of more than 1000 Australian SME business owners found that business failure was most likely because of an inability to manage costs.

Dr. Christoph Lymbersky analysed internal causes over a timeline of 38 years which shows that the lack of financial control is becoming less and less relevant as a crisis factor. In 1984 inadequate financial control still contributed to 75 percent of all corporate crises. In his 2014 survey, only 36 percent or restructuring consultants reported inadequate financial control to be a cause of decline.

According to a study by Industry Canada, “the main reason for (business) failure is inexperienced management. Managers of bankrupt firms do not have the experience, knowledge, or vision to run their businesses”.